Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aloha! (The After Party)

Aloha Kristen & Chris! Have fun on your honeymoon!! Now it's time for the After Party to begin!!! This is one of the coolest things that my Mom has done after each of our weddings. She has always thrown an "after party" at her house - very casual, easy, pick-up food, very comfortable! It's the perfect time for all of our family to get together AFTER the chaos of the wedding is over and really get to spend time together - and EAT since we're always starving! She decided to do a hawaiian theme in honor of Kristen (she was born there), and it was alot of fun!

After the reception was over and we cleaned up and gathered all our stuff, we all headed back to the hotel to get changed into comfy clothes (the invitation said "shorts and flip flops welcome!" love it!), and headed over to Kelli's.

Gramma Joan holding Joseph - who had developed a little fever at some point that afternoon. Poor little guy - but he was content to sit with Joan, and I think she was perfectly content just holding him! :)
Callie helped fill the "cooler" with drinks. (Kelli used an inflatable palm tree/pool and filled it with ice and sodas!)

The boys LOVED the hammock as always. Perfect way to let off some steam after having to "obey" and hold it together for so long that afternoon! :)

Feeding Caleb his dinner...he was such a trooper. A long, weird day, but he did great! :)
Kim, Kelli, and Mary laying out some of the trays of food.

Josiah and John
Jacob and Luke
(Do you notice that Jacob is still wearing his "wedding" clothes? When David said that we were going back to the hotel to change into comfy clothes, Jacob said "No! I don't want to change my clothes. I LOVE these clothes!" I thought he'd change his mind, but he didn't - he apparently loved his handsome outfit!) :)
Rebekah, Mom holding Caleb, and Mary
Night-night Caleb!!
(Love being at Kelli's house - she had a crib & pack&play ready to go upstairs so when it was bedtime, we just put the babies to bed!)
Aunt Debbie and her daughter Rebekah
(I found out she is a blog stalker!! She told me she needed me to take these pictures and wanted them to "make" the blog!) :)
My mom and her sister Debbie
Two sisters - TOTALLY different. Love them both - they are hilarious together!
Aunt Debbie thinks that Rebekah and Kim look the most alike - and that they both resemble Gigi (Mom & Debbie's mother - she died when Mom was pregnant with me so I never got to meet her. Granddad Keith married Joan several years later). I had never noticed the resemblance until I saw the two of them together in this picture, and now I definitely can see it!

Kelli & Joe, Mary Jo, and Rebekah
All of a sudden, Kelli's voice was GONE! Too much talking leading up to the wedding - lots of orders to be given obviously! She said it was just her throat and voice - but she felt totally handicapped without it! :) Probably partly due to exhaustion too - she had a few middle-of-the-night trips to the airport to pick up family, etc. She was a trooper!
We brought mom a little present....
....a special picture frame to put a beautiful new picture of her grandkids in - we hoped there would be a few great pictures from the weekend to choose from!

and then Kelli pulled out the chocolate fountain!!!
seriously - does it get any more FUN than this??
Remember the "flower girl" shirt that Callie got in our gift bag from Kristen? Well this shirt was in the Oates' gift bag for Matthew. The front of it had a badge (looked like FBI or a cop shirt or something), and then this was the back - isn't that adorable? :)
The two Pastor Davids! :)
(and both in plaid shirts...what's with that?)

This cracked me up. Matthew and Callie were looking at Kelli's photo book of our trip to Williamsburg 2 years ago - remember when we all 4 girls took Mom there for her birthday? Well, Callie and Matthew were looking at it (they were the two BABIES on that trip) - and she kept telling him "there's Callie and there's Matthew" and he was completely indignant about it - he was NOT a baby! She of course was emphatic that it WAS him, and they kept going round and round. It was pretty funny.


Andrea said...

What a fun idea to have an after party for the fam!

anthonyandbeth said...

such a great idea! an after party! i love it! love the chocolate fountain. sure that was a BIG hit!