Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rehearsal Dinner

I about died when I saw Kristen holding Caleb. I told her to give him to me - that she didn't need to be holding him tonight, and she said "No! I want to hold him tonight because I can't hold ANYONE tomorrow!" :)
The cousins table! :)
(Debbie had put different pictures of Chris & Kristen on the middle of each table all around the room - it was so cute!)

Kristen and Chris giving their "thank yous". Both of them HATE being the center of attention like this...but they did a great job!
Kristen's gift to each of us girls was PERFECT - she gave us all a flashing belt light to wear while running and a gift card to get a Road ID! We are all 4 runners now (YES Kristen - you are too even though you deny it!) and Kristen is the safety police! Too many years of watching Dateline and 20/20 I think. So it was perfect - and SO appreciated! :)
Like this little girl needed any soda....
Chris opening up his gift from Kristen... (his gift to her was her jewelry that she wore on the wedding day)
Me and Kristen. I love her. We have some very special memories her and I!
I wonder if this is when Mom gave Chris the "if you ever hurt my daughter, I'll come after you" speech! :)
L-R Holly & Andrew Oates, Mary, David Oates
(remember, David is my sister Kim's husband. Mary is their daughter. Andrew is David's younger brother and Holly is Andrew's wife. Andrew was also a pastor at Chris & Kristen's church when they met.)
Matthew loved walking around in his mommy's high heels! :) (Shh...don't tell his daddy!)
Callie made a friend with another little girl there named Lily.
(See the doll Callie is holding? She took it from the church nursery at some point during rehearsal. I figured it wasn't worth fighting since we were going right back there tomorrow...and yes we did return it! :) )
All the kids were first in line for dessert - it was an ice cream sundae bar!! How fun is that?
Mom and Kristen (and Caleb...)

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Vonda said...

Love the pix of Matthew wearing his Mommy's heels! Ella Rose just thinks the world of your nephew. Yesterday she said, "I thank Jesus for Matthew!" Is that sweet or what? And looking at Callie in these pictures I do believe she and Ella Rose would have a ball together. Ella Rose would have taken the baby doll out of the nursery too. Hee hee!