Thursday, March 11, 2010

Girls Night Out!

On Thursday night, we left our kids at home/hotel with our wonderful husbands and the girls all hit the town! We took Kristen out to dinner at an incredible mexican place for a girls' night out/lingerie shower - it was so fun! The restaurant was downtown and had really fun atmosphere and incredible food! One of their specialities is the tableside guacamole that they make - right in front of you! So fresh - it's just too bad I don't like guacamole. (I thought of you Courtney!) David would have loved it! We had a great time together as always. Kristen had just finished up her last day of work and had come straight from her tanning appointment (she did a spray tan - just like Dancing with the Stars :) - and looked amazing - and her nail appointment. She looked very "bridal"! It was great to finally get to catch up with her and hear all about how she was feeling (very calm, excited!). It brought back lots of fun memories for all of us too and how we spent our last week before we each got married. We had a great time!

Mom finally joined the 21st century and bought a digital camera for the weekend! :) This was her taking her first picture with it! :)
Kristen has always been Mom's technical savvy daughter - she has helped Mom figure out all of her electronic things - cell phones, and now digital cameras too! :)

Kristen and Mom
Kristen's future mother in law gave her a beautiful handkerchief for her to carry on her wedding day...a family heirloom and tradition.

Kristen was hilarious - a very modest and private person. So this whole evening was quite an embarrassment to her. This was how she opened every present - with the lid staying up (as a shield),and refusing to take anything out of the box for fear that somenoe might actually see it! It was quite entertaining. :)

We weren't sitting in birth order!! (99% of our pictures we are standing/sitting in correct birth order!) But here we all are - the Maxfield girls!

L-R Kelli, Kimberly, Kristen, mom, and Katy


Judy said...

I still remember getting ready in the days before your wedding. Remember how you were packing for your move to TN the night before you got married??? All of these posts are really bringing back memories of your wedding. And it's always fun to see pictures of your family!

Alden and Dorian said...

Oh I love the GIRL pics....of you 4 girls and your mom. You will never grow tired of those. You all look so relaxed and happy!

Vonda said...

Katy, you and your Mama and Sisters are all so beautiful! Enjoyed hearing about the wedding from Kimberly and I'm so tickled to see pictures!