Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And so we begin another road trip!

Okay - I'm ready to begin uploading all these pictures from the wedding weekend! I realize it's going to be more than most of you care to see, but here goes anyways! :)

We Schrodts really do love road trips. All of us! We hit the road at 4 am and the kids slept for the first 2.5 hours. (They are so used to this routine that even though they wake up when we get them out of bed and put them in the car, they go right back to sleep.) They woke up at had Krispy Kreme donuts that I had gotten the day before (my free donut coupons were going to expire while we were gone, so I got them BEFORE we left and thought it would be a fun treat in the car). Then once we found a Chick-fil-A (we were in Georgia by this point), we stopped for breakfast. When doing long road trips like this, we try to always stop at CFA or McD's that has a playground. The kids go potty, play, and sometimes eat (we don't pressure them to eat there...they can eat in the car....we'd rather them get their wiggles out and play while we're stopped). I fed the baby and we were back on the road!
We arrived at Kelli's house a little after 2:00 pm in the afternoon - and it was beautiful out! The younger three had naps in the car, and when we got there, we were all ready to go for a little walk and enjoy the FL temps! We walked down to a neighborhood park and so enjoyed it! Joseph (11 months) and Caleb (7 months) thought the grass was a little funny! (See how they both have their feet up in the air? hilarious!)

This is what my boys ALWAYS do at this playground. Someone stands in the middle of the teeter totter and pretends to "surf" - that's thanks to their surfing uncle, Uncle Scott! :)

The playground is right at the intracoastal waterway, so there's a bit of sand and "beach" front. Jacob and Callie played in the water, Josiah was climbing a tree, and Caleb and Joe enjoyed the sand. (Oh, and I tried to keep Caleb from crawling RIGHT into the water - he kept making a bee-line straight for it!!

After getting all sandy, we headed over to our hotel to check-in and get everyone cleaned up before going back to Kelli's for dinner. We had a gift bag from Kristen waiting for us at the front desk when we checked in! The kids LOVED opening it! It had a fun family magazine for me, a kids puzzle magazine for the boys, some fruit, deck of cards, rice krispy treats, gum, bottled water, mints, kleenex, hand sanitizer, some chocolates, - really fun, thoughtful things. She also included a schedule for the weekend and maps to everything (rehearsal dinner, wedding location, etc). It was VERY thoughtful and sweet!
....and this shirt was also in there for Callie! It says "flower girl". :)

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Vonda said...

Callie looks like she is so proud of her little flower girl sweet is that!