Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A gorgeous spring day at the zoo!

You all know how much we love our zoo! Both Jacob and Callie have been asking to go back again, so we decided this weekend that Wednesday would be the day! After a gorgeous weekend, Monday & Tuesday were a bit cooler and rainy, so we got all of our "work" done on those days so we could play today! And play we did - we left after Caleb's morning nap and had a GREAT time together at the zoo!
We got to see the BRAND new baby giraffe - he was born during the snowstorm that we had last month. He was SOOOO cute!
This outfit that Callie's wearing is one that I got at the children's consignment sale last week. There was one in Virginia that I have gone to every year, twice a year, since Josiah was born! It was very sad to move away from it. But my friends here let me know about the big one here, so I finally got to check it out last week. Opening day was Friday, so I even was able to shop without any kids since David was home with them (double bonus!) I was mainly looking for Callie - Jacob & Caleb are set with hand-me-downs, but I had hardly anything for Callie for this spring/summer. I was able to get her lots of really cute outfits and feel much better about the season now. And the best part was when I came home with them, she was SOOO excited about her new "outfits". I'm telling you - girls are TOTALLY different than boys!! I was so thankful to have had success!! (We went to Old Navy on Saturday for Josiah and got him 3 new pairs of shorts and t-shirts, as well as new bathing suits for both boys...and since I had a 30% off coupon, I did pretty well!!)
You can tell my kids are being raised by a blogger - they kept jumping on these rocks and statues and saying "take my picture Mom!!"

We did see the REAL tiger today (he's not always out), and he was in rare form today. Prowling around his cage and GROWLING - for real! I've never heard a tiger roar in real life - it was very cool. We think it's because the monkeys on ape island were SO loud! :)

I love this boy.

Aside from the fact that Jacob makes Callie cry more than anyone else, he can be VERY loving too. I was sitting in front of them by the stroller, and he told Callie he had to hold her hand so she wouldn't fall out of the train. And so she did! I think she trusts him more than Josiah too (not sure why....but she does)!


anthonyandbeth said...

i love Callie's outfit! so glad you found some cute stuff! :) i still can't wait to check out your zoo. glad you were able to get out and have fun!

dandsratz said...

Sigh....this sorta makes me sad!! It looks almost like Norfolk Zoo, and that we could have gone together! :) I'm so glad that ya'll had such a great day though! Callie looks as cute as EVER!!! I miss you! :)