Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passover Seder

On Saturday night, we had the priviledge of going to another baptist church here in Lexington with two other families from our church. We went to see their Easter musical, entitled "The Passover" and then stayed for the Passover Seder. They had a messianic rabbi come lead everyone through it and it was an amazing experience. The boys both sat with us for the program, and then Jacob went to a children's class where they had a more simplified explanation of the Passover dinner. Josiah stayed with us to take part in it and we had an awesome time learning all about it. We enjoyed so much seeing what each of the elements represents and the meaning that it holds for each of us as Christians was amazing. Josiah loved it - talk about seeing the Old Testament come to life! It was a great evening!
Some great friends of ours - Hannah, Jenn and Tim
David & I with Josiah

Hannah was showing Josiah her mom's very cool (and tech savvy) phone. That's definitely the way to Josiah's heart - technological gadgets! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

i just think this is the coolest thing! i would LOVE to do something like that! fun time for you and the boys.

and he cut the hair!!! i think it looks great and i'm kind of partial to it that way on him but i know he likes having options. :) tell him it looks great! :)