Friday, March 19, 2010

The Food Show

On Thursday after naps, we went to our first food show...and LOVED it!! I had gotten a flyer home from school a couple week ago inviting us to a food show at one of our district's high schools. They were bringing in all these vendors to offer tastes of their foods and were asking for people to come and sample them and fill out a survey. They were going to use this information to determine which vendors to go with next year and what foods would be on their menus.

So the kids and I headed over after naptime and boy was it fun! The whole cafeteria was just filled with tables of vendors and their food items. The kids' eyes got really wide when I told them they could taste anything - it was hilarious! There was some really good food too - some very unique things, and everything was quite good. It was nearing the end of the show so they were anxious to give us as much food as they can - the vendor from Tyson's actually sent me home with a whole pan of rotissiere chicken!! We brought home 2 containers full of food and samples and enjoyed an "hors d'oerve" dinner on the deck that night. I'll DEFINITELY be looking for that flyer again next year!! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

well you know how much i would have loved this! i've got to find something like that around here. :)