Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday morning!!

Friday morning, my kids FINALLY got to see their cousins!!! Kim's family had arrived the night before (in time for her to join us for Girls Night Out), but the kids didn't really get to see each other because mine were heading to bed. So it was a VERY fun reunion downstairs at breakfast at the hotel. (The hotel had a GREAT breakfast buffet every morning that we FULLY enjoyed!)
Now let's see if I can name everyone in the picture...starting at the front left and going around clockwise:
Mary, Callie, Kim, Matthew, John, David (my hubby), David (Kim's hubby), Jacob, Luke, and Josiah.
We headed over to Kelli's for the morning while some last minute errands were being run. We deemed that Friday was going to be "protect the nap" day - we wanted to make sure that all the kids had their naps totally protected - knowing that we had a late night ahead of us with the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and then the wedding the next day. So we had a plan to do that and still get all of our errands done. The husbands were all out with Chris that morning for their "guy time" - it was supposed to be a morning of golf, but it was MAJOR thunderstorms so they ended up going bowling instead. I took Kim's older boys with me back to Kelli's house. They played the video games with Josiah and Jacob while Caleb and Joseph took their morning naps. Kim had Mary & Matthew with her doing some last minute shopping and picking up Matthew's tux stuff. It worked well - everyone had their naps and we got everything done that we needed to!)

Kim and Mary did a "practice run" on Callie's hair - she was a very willing participant!

Kim taught Callie how to "put a bubble in her mouth" (i.e. hold your breath) while she sprayed the hairspray.
She cracks me up - she crawled up in Joseph's high chair, put the bib on, and of course wanted a picture of her silly self!

Callie and Kristen having a chat....
(Kristen was seriously so calm and relaxed!) She spent the morning with us and had lunch before heading over to the church to drop some stuff off.
The video games were a big save - David & I decided to bring the XBOX with us...knowing we may need a quiet diversion for the big boys if the little ones were sleeping....knowing that we'd all 6 be in one hotel room, etc. (Side note: David was even able to connect it to the portable DVD player in the car so they played video games for about an hour on the drive down! Is he the coolest dad ever or what?) We brought it over to Kelli's on Friday morning when we all had to be stuck inside (b/c of the rain), but the babies needed a quiet house to get their morning naps in. It worked like a charm!

Jacob LOVES Kelli's dog (I really should say Scott's dog) Chloe. He followed her around the whole weekend and loved sitting her in his lap. The boy is HANDS ON with everyone - even the dog!
After the husbands returned and had lunch, we all went back to the hotel to lay down for naps. And we ALL got one! All 6 of us! Then it was time to shower and get dressed for the rehearsal!!! (Caution: cute, matching outfits to come)

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