Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sailing Away!

Sunday morning was time change Sunday!!!! The GOOD thing about that was that we didn't have to be up anywhere early (like we do every OTHER Sunday of of our lives....), so we really did sleep in! Caleb was the first one up at 8:30 am, and Callie slept until 9:30 am!!! It was great - nice and leisurely!!

David was the only one that was up at the crack of dawn. He got up at 6 am to meet Scott down at the docks! You see, Scott decided to buy a sailboat 2 weeks ago (well, he got Kelli to agree to it 2 weeks ago and a few days later, there was a sailboat at their house!!), so he's been DYING to get out on it. But there was this little derailment in his plans called a WEDDING that was going on in the midst of it, so he had to be patient. David was happy to go out with him and be part of his merriment - Scott was SO excited! The kids and I meanwhile had breakfast, got our stuff loaded in the car, checked out of the hotel, and headed to Kelli's for a quiet morning.

We had decided we weren't going to rush out and leave early. We wanted to have a leisurely morning, spend some time with the family, and then leave around 2 pm. It was nice having some down time finally!

Josiah worked on a little bit of his homework, and was happy to show Tutu and Kelli all that he is learning.
Jacob crawled around outside in the backyard finding slugs and lizards.

And then, we got THE CALL!!! That the boat was in the water (you see, Scott doesn't know how to sail yet...minor detail) and they were heading towards the docks at the end of Scott & Kelli's street. So off we headed to go see the sailors!!

And there they were!! (They couldn't get the sails up, but used the motor instead....) It was SO fun to see their boat (named the math sign - David loved it - and it was 3/14 - which is the equivalent of pi!!! ).

The kids were trying to wait patiently for them to dock so they could get on and try it out too!

David was doing "the Titanic" pose on the front - it was hilarious!
Finally getting it docked...
Scott took David Oates (their family went to church that morning and he was still in his church clothes!), Luke and John out for a bit.
Then we all realized that this "quick" little outing was going to take much longer. So much for leaving at 2 pm!! We realized that we should have put our kids on first since we had to head out, but it worked out okay.
Caleb was SO happy to see Daddy - he'd been gone all morning out to sea! :)
Our kids were excited to get to ride - they haven't been on a boat since going out with our friends (the water RATZ!!!) in VA Beach, so it was so fun for them to get to go out again.

Scott was a great captain!

Their boat even has this little cabin so they could totally "camp" out - sleep there and everything! (Not my cup of tea, but THEY could!) :)

Ahoy mates!!


Judy said...

Love the "minor detail" of how Scott doesn't quite know how to sail yet. You're a brave woman to put your kids on that boat :)

anthonyandbeth said...

SO COOL!!! love that they have a boat now. you'll be wanting to head down to FL even more often. :)