Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pedicures and Pooltime

Kelli had made appointments for her, Mom, and me to get our toenails done on Thursday morning - after all, we were all wearing open-toed shoes for the wedding! David stayed at Kelli's house with a sleeping Joseph and Caleb, as well as Josiah and Jacob. We decided to take Callie with us - I figured she'd probably like to watch the whole process - and boy was I right! She was completely enthralled! She sat on my lap and was completely riveted. I realized that I am a horrible mother of a little girl because I've never even painted her fingernails or toenails!! Well, when we all picked our colors, she wanted to pick one as well and since Tutu was there, of course she got to! She didn't get a real pedi (obviously), but the lady was kind enough to paint her toes after we were finished. She LOVED it. Seriously!
Her toes were so little....and sort of roughed up and scraggly from all the outside playing with her brothers! :)

Can you tell how much she enjoyed it? She thought the little fan was pretty hilarious too!

Later that afternoon, we spent a little bit of time at the hotel pool. David and I both refused to get in (it was REALLY windy and cool out), but it was good enough for the big boys to get in and get some exercise out of it! And Caleb LOVED it - he didn't really get to fully get in (since both of his parents were refusing to), but David sort of "dangled" him in and he loved every bit. Makes me very excited about the summer!

Callie got in once and then decided it was too cold for her, so she lounged with me! :)

I was really surprised Caleb liked it as much as he did - the cold didn't bother him at all! I guess I have another water baby on my hands!


Judy said...

Callie is so big. I mean seriously, she's such a big girl. Good thing you have Caleb or you just might be sad at how fast she's growing up! What a cutie getting her nails done!

Courtney said...

love callie's face getting her nails painted :-)

Vonda said...

Oh Callie looks like she is totally enjoying this wedding experience with even getting her little toenails painted. First time we ever did that with Ella Rose there was polish EVERYWHERE! Hee hee!