Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good morning! It's a BEAUTIFUL day to GET MARRIED!!!!

A few of my favorite sleeping boys! :) (And no, we're not a "family bed" family - Caleb woke up early that morning (6 am), and since we were all 6 in one hotel room, I couldn't let him cry it out and go back to sleep. He did fall back asleep when I fed him, so I laid him down next to David while I got ready to go. )
Josiah and Jacob were playing war while Callie still slept....
(We knew that no one was going to get a nap today, so we tried to let everyone sleep as long as they could that morning...not that anyone slept past 7:30 am!!)

And it's off to the salon to get beautiful!! Kristen was already there and had started on her hair - she was very calm, once again, and excited to see her hair, makeup, dress - all of it put together!

Kelli was a work in progress...
Kim's hair was going up....
I can't believe I didn't get a better picture of the back of Kristen's hair (probably because I was in the chair getting my own hair done). Oh well. It looked AMAZING! She got her makeup done too - so she looked seriously the BEST!
The tiara is on.....
Mom brought bagels for all of us and helped me with Callie and Caleb. David was back at the hotel with the boys, but I had to bring the two little ones with me (caleb because I would have to feed him, and Callie because she had to be at the church dressed and ready for pictures).
Thankfully, Tutu was able to put Caleb to sleep, so he DID get his morning nap! HOORAY!
Kim's hair from the back - it was SO cool!
Kelli's hair - didn't everyone's hair look amazing? (I thought mine looked great too...but of course I can't take a picture of the back of my head...oh well).

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Judy said...

Yes, yes....great looking hair. Isn't it fun to get your hair done up? It's such a rare treat!