Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to Get Dressed!!

After we got back to the church, we ate some wraps and grapes that Mom had ordered for the bridesmaids and groomsmen - they were delicious. Then it was time to get dressed! Callie was SUPER excited that she FINALLY got to put on her fancy dress and shoes!!!
Kristen arrived....

Here's my sweet little girl....holding that stolen baby!! :) (It stayed in the nursery this time...)

Kim pinned on Callie's "crown"...this was one of the FIRST things that Callie said she was going to get to wear when she learned she was going to get to be the flower girl! What girl doesn't love a crown?
About this time, we were almost all dressed, and then Kristen said "OKAY - I'm ready! I'm ready to get dressed now!!"

"How exactly do we lace up this corset thing?"

Seriously beautiful - the back was a corset and was exquisite! Kristen looked SO teeny tiny in it! I had only ever seen the dress on a picture on my cell phone - it definitely did not do it justice. She took my breath away!

I asked her how she felt and she said she felt gorgeous. She said she had always hoped that she would be the MOST beautiful on her wedding day, and she felt like she was. She LOVED everything - her hair, her makeup, her dress, her shoes - she felt like a princess - and she really did look amazing. It was almost surreal for me to see my little sister like this. She was gorgeous - and so happy and so CALM!!!

None of us could stop looking at Kristen once she was all dressed and ready. She just looked amazing! And we all had to try awfully hard to keep our emotions together!!!
One last lipstick check....
Gramma Joan came in to see Kristen...

And didn't my Mom look beautiful too? :) I loved her dress!! (I wish I had taken a picture of her feet - she had these amazing black strappy sandals on and had gotten a french pedicure on her toes - her feet looked better than mine!!)

Mom and Gramma Joan
I know this was probably extra emotionally hard for Joan to be here without my Granddad Keith, but it was truly so special that she was able to be part of this day with us.


Alden and Dorian said...

Oh my goodness, Kristen looks absolutely GORGEOUS! Every girl's dream to look so beautiful on her wedding day. I LOVE the picture of your mom and Kristen looking at each other ~ simply precious.

Judy said...

Gorgeous!!! Simply gorgeous! All of you. Kristen's dress was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Love it! And Callie looked so pretty with her hair all done and her beautiful dress. I can definitely understand how it must have been a little emotional for you. I would have been crying a river!!

anthonyandbeth said...

she just looks like she is SO ready to marry her man! :) and i just think callie is the cutest! love her dress and flowers for her hair! ;)

Vonda said...

OH my word...Kristen looked so beautiful! Wow! And Callie is just precious in her little dress and crown! What a big girl! Love the pics of your Mama and Kristen too...your Mama looks so proud of her.