Saturday, March 13, 2010


The wedding is over...time for some more pictures.....looks like I should have prepped my little people better for this part...
The boys are tired....bored...ready for cake....NOT in the mood for more pictures...uh oh....

The happy couple

Me and the Man of my dreams! (Whom I would marry again today!!)
Mom, Rebekah (Mom's niece), and Aunt Debbie (Mom's sister)
Scott, Kelli, and a tired baby Joe
The Schrodts....complete with an uncooperative Jacob. Poor guy was just over it by now.
Callie and Matthew
Flower girl and Ringbearer
(oh...and the Princess Barbie that Mom got for Callie as a reward...that barbie was ALMOST in all of the REAL pictures the photographer took...I had to hide her under my dress at the last minute!)
The two girls in their fancy dresses! :)


Courtney said...

the dresses are beautiful! and callie looks precious!

anthonyandbeth said...

love all the matchy matchy with the kids. :)