Friday, March 26, 2010

Nighttime Egg Hunt

On Friday night, we headed over to our church's recreational property (next to the land that's being cleared for our NEW location of the church!!!) for the nighttime egg hunt put on by our preschool ministry! We were so excited!! Never done a nighttime egg hunt before!!
It started off with a "diaper derby" - a race for the crawlers! Talk about hilarious! When we first started, Caleb and this other little girl were the only crawlers - and she was rather alarmed by the whole situation. Caleb took off crawling and thought it was great fun!
We figured he had it in the bag since the other "contestant" wasn't having anything to do with it....

....until Caleb noticed that everyone was looking at him and cracking up and cheering for him. Then he decided to stop and smile at everyone.

At about this time, the OTHER baby decided to crawl to her mom on the other side of the tarp and she won the race!!! Bummer!

Callie was trying to "help" Caleb along...

That's Jacob for you - just randomly grabs hold of Josiah for no other reason other than his hands were empty at the moment probably!

Callie getting ready for her "egg roll" race - with 3 of her favorite men behind her to cheer her on!
You like the shoes she picked to wear? They are LAST year's spring shoes...that are too small...but she refuses to give them up yet...and insists on wearing them outside all the time! Whatever!

Since I was holding Caleb, we "rented out" space in our stroller to our buddy bryant - who was tired but pacified with some potato chips! :)

Go Jacob go! He's off!!

Josiah (right in the middle of the middle of the pack) with some of the other 1st graders...getting ready for their "egg drop" (as in...don't drop it - these are REAL eggs...and not hard boiled either!) race.
I think I have this SAME exact picture from last Eater - Josiah carrying the spoon with the egg in it...and his other hand about 2 cm. away. That's my VERY careful son!

Happy brothers after a successful egg hunt! :)

They both got their quota of 20 eggs in probably 5.6 seconds flat - and were SO excited!

(I had Callie and Caleb over in another field for the preschoolers...sorry! no pictures of her hunting!)
Time to go home - tired kids, but what fun!! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

i think that looks like so much fun! love the little cutie crawler you have there! :)

the wiedmaiers said...

you remember the egg hunt where we got all the free chick-fil-a stuff!?! i think that might have been the boys first one. we were more excited than they were with all of our goodies.