Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boys' Haircuts

posted by Callie: Tonight after dinner (we had to eat early because my brothers were starving and Mom said we were going to eat early so we could get in bed early), we went to get all the boys haircuts. Well, not daddy because he was still at church. He'll have to go another day. We went to get the boys' haircuts because the haircut store just opened and they were only $5! Caleb was sitting in Mommy's lap, so she said I could take some pictures:
Caleb had his FIRST haircut with daddy a while ago, but Mommy forgot to send the camera with him. So maybe she can pretend this was Caleb's first haircut! Caleb sat very still and just kept looking at himself. When the lady would ask him if he was so handsome, he would smile and say "yes!" :) I went to take a picture of Jacob next....
...and then Josiah. I think Josiah was surprised to see me taking pictures!
This is the duck that the lady gave Caleb to play with.
Everyone (even me!) got lollipops afterwards because we did a great job! I wish Mommy would have let me get another haircut but she said no. Today was only for the boys!

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