Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy Friday

It's a rainy day here - so much for my plans to go to the zoo and strawberry picking! But it's been a nice quiet day just to hang out together. We went to the library and got some new books for everyone and then came home and watched ET (well, the big kids and David did...I've been updating the blog!) :) We're doing some fun Easter traditions today that I'll post about later, but it's nice to have a quiet day to enjoy those things together!
Our resurrection eggs have been different this year. I've been saving them to start tonight because our kids all like to open one a night (so we have to wait until the weekend of Easter) but the kids have been playing with them all week. It sort of reminds me of the Christmas nativity set. I'm not a "hands off" kind of mom where they aren't allowed to touch or play with them, so I have LOVED seeing them get the resurrection eggs out several times each day, open them all up, and tell each other the story of Easter over and over!!
Jacob got a new jibbitz for his crocs!! He was the FIRST one to fill up his marble jar and got to choose a reward - this is what he chose! Pretty cool right? It was SHOCKING that he filled his jar up first - I would have put money on Josiah - but he did! (Josiah's VERY close - will probably fill his in the next week or so). We've been working on these marble jars since school started. They can earn (or lose) marbles by doing extra jobs, being a blessing to someone, going out of their way to help/bless someone, etc. It's been a great way to reward them without "paying" for it. I was very proud of Jacob! :)

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