Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Productive Saturday!

A great day today! I've been so thankful to have this week with my family! It's been a great time together and I have LOVED having David home! :) We got a lot accomplished today!

* Headed out to Old Navy pretty early this morning to snag the $6 polos deal that was running today. Was able to get almost all of us a couple of new polos shirts at a great price (they didn't have any small enough for her a tank top instead :) ).

* Josiah filled up HIS marble jar today - yippee!! He chose to chip in his money that he had saved for a new DS game that was way on sale - hooray!

* Headed over to Banana Republic for David to spend a gift card that my sister gave him for his birthday. That stuff burns a hole in his pocket - he likes to shop immediately!! (I have been known to save that stuff FOREVER until I decide!) I walked this kids down to see the "Easter Bunny" while he was trying clothes on. Callie immediately wanted to sit in his lap (she loves anything in costume). The boys thought it was ridiculous because the bunny had a pink vest and pink bow on! Isn't the Easter Bunny supposed to be a boy? Anyways, we didn't buy the picture but let Callie sit in his lap so the 3 of them could get the free gift :) (notepad and pencil).

* Dropped boys off at a birthday party and the rest of us had lunch at Chick-fil-A. YUM!!

* David did yard work (looks FAB!) while I finished swapping out EVERYONE's clothes for the season! What a HUGE relief that is! It's always such a huge job - I don't enjoy it - but now it's done!! I found these two like this in Caleb's room while I was working on the big boys' clothes:
* Then while we were brushing teeth and flossing after dinner and baths tonight, we noticed Jacob's tooth had gotten looser. He decided it was time and ran to get Daddy to pull it out! :)

First tooth gone! :) A fun, productive day! Now gearing up for a BIG day tomorrow celebrating the fact that HE IS ALIVE!! (And I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to stay focused on THAT part of it - not the crazy long work day that all of us have to endure on a day like this with extra services and responsibilities involved! Just being real!) We're praying for LOTS of visitors and a GREAT day of worship and celebration!

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Courtney said...

yay for clothes getting swapped out! that's SUCH a big job!