Wednesday, April 27, 2011

why ELSE would you eat dinner at 4:00 pm??

Yep - we really did eat dinner at 4:00 pm!! We had to leave the house at 4:30 pm in order to get to Baskin Robbins for 31 cent ice cream night before choir practice and AWANA at 6 pm! The kids were fine with it - they're always starving after school anyways, so they thought it was great! We headed off to Baskin Robbins (which is not super close to us) to get our ice cream! :)
It was totally crazy in there - the people working were awfully stressed out and not very organized, so we got our ice cream as quick as possible and got out of there! We decided we'd eat outside and then head back to church. It was very funny seeing what everyone chose. Caleb got cookies & creme (I figured he'd like it and I was right!), Callie picked cotton candy (only because it was purple and pink!!), Jacob picked mint chocolate chip, Josiah got some crazy green apple/purple sherbet with pop rocks candy in it, and I picked Lucky Mint - which was called the "evil twin" of mint chocolate chip. It was a chocolate ice cream with green mint pieces in it - yum! Gotta love getting ice cream for 5 people for $1.50!! We enjoyed our treat and then headed to church! Poor Daddy - missed out on all the fun!

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Judy said...

No Baskin Robbins here ... boo hoo!