Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time for the Big Boys!

Callie helped David and me hide jelly beans for the big boys. We decided the plastic eggs would be too easy for them to find and so we hid jelly beans all over the first floor of our house. When I told David, he thought I was absolutely nuts - but that's what we ALWAYS did growing up! Once he started hiding them, he said he LOVED it! Because they are smaller, you can do much better hiding places for them! It's one of those things that my family always did growing up and I thought every family did it that way - and then realized when I grew up that NO - it was only my family that did it that way! :) I love it though - and I'm sticking with it! :)
I hid some in the kitchen on top of the cabinet doors and drawers - Callie's drawer was going to be quite the jackpot!
Alright boys - go find them!! (we did hide 12 plastic eggs. They each could find 4 of them, and inside those eggs were marbles for their marble jars - they were excited to find those!)
I love that Noah still has a sword in his shirt from whatever they were playing :)
Josiah found some jellybeans hidden in their marble jars :)
Jacob hit the jackpot in the kitchen!
Josiah hit the jackpot at the piano (this is the jackpot spot that I always remember growing up!)
I even put some in Noah's crocs next to his jibbitz! :)
Good job boys! I think they found them all (otherwise, we'll find some more jellybeans throughout the week!)


Judy said...

I love the jelly bean idea. You're right...those plastic eggs get too easy!

anthonyandbeth said...

Love this idea. You have the best little things like this from your childhood