Monday, April 11, 2011

Revolving Door

I really do enjoy my Mondays. It's a day where I (usually) have nowhere that I HAVE to be and am able to stay home and do all my laundry and clean my house. I ran today - it was ROUGH - and when I came home and showered, I put my clothes on and hair straight in a ponytail. No makeup, no blowdry. Got some cleaning done and then took the younger two for a walk. Got sheets all changed before naptime for them (Callie took a nap AGAIN - 3 out of the last 4 days she has slept during rest time! I think soccer has worn her out! :) ). Then the phone started ringing. One neighbor asking if her son could come over after school because she was still running some errands. Then on my way to the bus stop, another neighbor saying she wasn't going to be home before the bus and could her daughter come play until she got home. So we had all kinds of surprise fun when the boys got home from school!

Once the neighbors left, the doorbell rang and it was MORE friends - but this one was planned! :) My friend Alli, from church, had an appointment and asked if her kids could come over and play while she was gone. Of course we said yes - we love their family! Her three kids are EXACTLY the same ages as my older three so we had a great time! And since David was at church late (and will be all week for a special conference going on), it was nice to have some extra entertainment for the kids while I got the last bathroom cleaned and dinner ready! :)
The little boys played legos...
(Jacob, Caleb, and Cooper)
The little girls played dollhouse
(Callie and Carlie)
And the big kids played a few games!
(Keatley and Josiah)

We had a great time! After dinner we headed out to the backyard to enjoy some brownies they brought with us and introduced our friends to our tire swing and the creek in the backyard! What a blast! I'm so thankful for sweet friends! I really DO love having a revolving door on days like this! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

God had blessed your family with sweet friends in sc and I'm thankful! Sound like a productive and fun day. Sorry the run was rough. At least you have it behind you now!