Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebrating with Carlie

We had dinner with some special friends on Saturday night to celebrate Carlie's 4th birthday!! Their family mirrors ours in a lot of ways (except Carlie's their youngest - they need one more to match up with Caleb! :) ) so we have a good time when we're all together!
See the blur at the bottom of this picture? It's Alli running across trying NOT to get in the picture :)
Callie watching Carlie blow out her candles. She chose a cookie cake - yum!!
(So annoying that my flash is apparently broken!)
Then we walked down to their own private beach! Their neighborhood has a lake with a little beachfront to it - it's so fun! David & I actually looked at houses in this neighborhood before we moved here. We almost could have been neighbors! :)
The kids had a ball. I miss living near the beach - so this was a fun little taste of it - and within walking distance from their house? That's AWESOME! :)
It's just so relaxing to me - sitting in a chair, chatting with a friend, kids playing at my feet in the sand - aaahhhh. Makes me look forward to some beach trips this summer!
Carlie and Callie are two of a kind. Both the 3rd child. Both spunky little girls that are pretty tough cookies but have LOTS of diva inside of them :)
Josiah, Jacob, and Cooper were on a mission to kill the ants! They found a little hill apparently and were on a mission to drown them all out. (and they were very serious about it!)
And this one? Just happy anywhere there is a ball!
The daddies look pretty relaxed too, don't they? We had a great time together! Happy Birthday Carlie - we are SO glad we got to celebrate with you!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Good friends are a good find. Glad y'all enjoy each other and could celebrate Callie's girlfriend. A neighborhood beach is cool...