Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Goodbyes

Beth's husband graciously offered to get her boys off to school on Monday so that she could stay over for a little bit longer! I was thrilled for an extra few hours with her! :)

Everyone enjoyed starting the day off with some Cinderella yogurt (I did buy some Lightning McQueen yogurt too - but that was all gone. Caleb doesn't mind! :) )
Beth & I were able to go for a run after my boys got to school and before David had to leave for work. We realized it was the first time that she had run with me HERE in SC! I couldn't believe it! She agreed to run 4 with me, and then I coerced her into going just one more mile so we did 5! :) It's always so much more fun with a friend!
Enjoying a "few" Tangled stickers from her new book...
Here's the other birthday outfit that Callie got from Addison - they LOVED being twins all weekend!! (See how Caleb is in this picture? I'm telling you - everytime I'd tell the girls I was going to take a picture, he came running!!!)
There he is again...on the was just so cute!

BFFs! :)
Their silly faces :)

We LOVED having them come and spend some girl time with us! It made for SUCH a special birthday for Callie, and I LOVED getting some precious time with Beth. I always just love getting to sit and catch up face to face! Thanks for coming Beth & Addison - we LOVED every minute of it!! Time to plan the next trip!!!!


sandi said...

we have no curls in our house... how did that happen? love the cute outfits and even cuter curly hair on the girls. hard to believe caleb is old enough to "come running". oh, is beth no longer home schooling? you said anthony got the boys off to school.

Courtney said...

so, does your toe feel TOTALLY better?? jealous! my foot IS healing, though! i can tell!

anthonyandbeth said...

Great to finally run with you in sc. I'm telling get extra points for all the off roading and dead rodents and cars and potential trip hazards. Your runs count more than mine! Always love running with you...

anthonyandbeth said...

Oh...I forgot. Love, love, love little man Caleb. He was precious and so sweet to give me hugs and his "look" is my favorite! I hope you have a picture of that!