Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girlfriends (and Caleb) at the Zoo!

On Wednesday morning, we invited my friend Alli and her daughter Carlie to join us at the zoo! It was nice to have girls in the majority for once! :) We had a BLAST! Callie and Carlie are two peas in a pod - both are the 3rd child and have a little bit of drama in them and a flair for the dramatic. They're totally hilarious together, and so we had a blast doing the zoo with them!

I told Carlie and Callie to give me their best tiger roars - and they did :)
More roaring :)
looking for the cute bunnies...
Time for pony rides!

I made...I mean let....Alli ride the kiddie train with them :)
Comparing Callie and Carlie's hands with the gorillas' hands!

What a blast! Thanks for joining us for a SUPER fun morning Alli & Carlie! We'll do it again (and we'll bring all the other kids next time! Both Alli and I knew that our other kids were going to be mad they missed out! Summer is coming....)


Judy said...

I'll bet it's fun to do things with just your youngest two. I'm looking forward to that when school starts next year. So fun for Callie to have a little girlfriend! That girl needs here girl time I'm sure!

anthonyandbeth said...

Girl time is always fun and your zoo is the perfect place to go. I'm glad you and Callie were able to enjoy your girlfriends