Friday, April 29, 2011

New Belts!

We've been talking about this night for several months now - the boys' next rank test for karate! They've been working so hard and have been so excited about it...and a bit nervous too! As they progress along, the tests get harder and harder so they really do have to work for it! This morning when I went to get them up for school, I found them already awake and practicing for their test! :)

Josiah wanted to make sure that he had lots of healthy food in his lunch so he'd be sure to have plenty of energy for his test (like I normally send him junk or something!). They even decided to stay inside and rest after school instead of playing outside! :) Are they serious or what!?

The first part of their test is a physical test. The PT part is to continue to develop their cardio strength and stamina and I love seeing them have to push through this stuff! The first thing they have to be able to do is run a mile in 12 minutes...

...which they both did! Then they come inside and do some more PT drills - like pushups for 2 minutes, jumprope for 3 minutes, front snap kicks for 3 minutes, punches for 3 minutes, etc. When they get to the black belt test, they'll have to be able to do crazy numbers of these exercises within those timeframes (like 200 pushups in 2 minutes, etc)

I was able to get both boys in the same shot. This is still during the PT part of the test - doing punches. Jacob's in the back of the picture with his yellow belt and white uniform - Josiah's in front with his black uniform.
Callie got a hold of the camera for a few minutes and took this lovely picture of herself! :) It's not the easiest thing in the world to keep the two of them entertained in a VERY Crowded dojo for 3 hours...and past bedtime for both!
Jacob - after he successfully passed all of his PT tests, self-defense moves, combintations, and kata!!
Danielle - one of the junior instructors - taking off Jacob's yellow belt....
...and Sensei tying his newly-earned orange belt!

SO very proud of you Jacob! You worked SO very hard for this and I was so excited to see you pass tonight!! Always remember that things mean more to you when you have to work hard for them! You did a GREAT job!
Josiah doing his kata

Josiah is really incredible at karate. The focus, self-discipline, control, and attention to detail that it requires is RIGHT up his alley. He does well at other sports too(he's really doing great at soccer right now), but this is totally him. He has to work very hard at coordination and things like football, basketball, etc - but it's like he was made for karate. I love watching him excel in this and having it come naturally for him - and seeing him enjoy that!

I was in a terrible spot for Josiah's ceremony - but this picture is Sensei tying Josiah's new belt...
...and Sensei bowing and shaking Josiah's hand afterwards.

SO proud of you Josiah! I know you were very nervous about this test, but I KNEW you would do great! You have practiced over and over (even though you knew it long ago) and I knew you were ready! I loved watching you help Jacob practice - you are a great teacher! Your focus and attention to the details is part of what makes you so great at karate! I was so proud of you tonight - congratulations Josiah!
Our neighbor Noah and Josiah - both new blue belts now! :)


Courtney said...

wow! such a big deal! so proud of them!!

Judy said...

Wow! Exciting! I'm impressed...push ups, running, jumping rope...whew! Impressive boys you've got there!

Judy said...

Wow! Exciting! I'm impressed...push ups, running, jumping rope...whew! Impressive boys you've got there!

anthonyandbeth said...

I know you are so proud of ther hard work! Very proud of your boys and excited they have found such fun in learning karate