Monday, April 18, 2011

Let the Camping Adventures Begin!

We camped at a different state park this year - Devil's Fork State Park. Not too far away from where we camped last spring, but this park was right on Lake Jocasee, which we thought would be fine. The kids did great on the trip up - just a short 3 hour drive - and were SUPER excited once we got there! :)
This was our first trip with our very OWN tent. After having so much fun camping last year, I kept my eye out and was able to get a great deal on a Coleman tent when it went on clearance after Christmas. It's not the easiest to find ones that sleep all of us! :)
The boys were VERY serious about helping David with the set up.

Blowing bubbles is always fun - no matter where you are. Until your baby brother finds them on the picnic table and dumps the whole container out on the ground.

After asking for what seemed like 2 hours "now can we get in the tent", it was finally up and they were allowed in. And were a BIT excited about it as you can see!
We walked down to check out the lake and throw some rocks...

It was really beautiful - the crystal clear lake, beautiful mountains in the backdrop. It was gorgeous.
David taught Josiah how to skip rocks (which became Josiah's main focus for the rest of the weekend)!
I don't know - there's just something about seeing the love of my life standing there surrounded by our four sweet kids. Makes my heart jump every time.
We came back to eat dinner. We cooked hot dogs and warmed a batch of homemade mac & cheese that I made before we left. And chips - which was a huge treat!

Josiah has declared that he does not like hot dogs for the last several years. I kept telling him he needed to put ketchup on them, but always refused. It's just been in the last few months that he's started putting ketchup on his cheeseburger! So anyways, he tried it and he liked it! Go figure! (I told him I wouldn't like plain hot dogs either! Gross!) Maybe in another couple years he'll put mustard on it too!
Time to start up the fire so we can have some s'mores!

Josiah's the only one of our kids that actually likes to eat s'mores. The other ones just like the marshmallow part!

David said "did you get a picture of the great fire I made? With the tent in the background?" So here it is! :)

It was a fun first evening. The kids were SUPER wound up, and Caleb was extremely overtired. He slept for about 30 minutes in the van on the way down, but that was it. He was totally wasted that night but super wired and couldn't fall asleep. And of course in a tent with all of us. David and I finally came in to lay down so all the kids would be quiet and go to sleep at 9 pm and they finally did. Good night!

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