Monday, April 25, 2011

A GREAT Monday, but not what I had expected!

On Monday morning, I headed out for a run - which was awful by the way. totally my own fault for not running last week during spring break. Anyways, I got home and went to jump in the shower. I called out to David - before he left for work - and told him to ask Scott, one of the other pastors, if I could bring lunch in for the staff one day this week. I knew they had all gone above and beyond in preparing for Easter Sunday, and this week was Administrative Professionals Week, so I thought it would be nice to show them that they were appreciated! I get out of the shower and David says "Scott said today or Thursday would work" and heads out the door. Thursday DOESN'T work for me - I have biblestudy that day, so TODAY it is!!! Thankfully, I had most of my ingredients because I knew I'd be cooking for them at some point this week, so I ran out to get one last thing and then set out to cook lunch for 25 people and have it ready in 2 hours! :) If you ever decide to do that, this is what your house will look like afterwards!

Lunch turned out great, and I know they appreciated it! Got home from delivering it, put Caleb down for his nap and then got a text from David about having needing to get together with some friends of ours for dinner one night this week. I texted her a few times and it was suddenly determined that TONIGHT was the only night that would work, so I sprung into action again! :) We had a great time - again, I had most everything I needed to come up with dinner, so I cleaned up the downstairs a bit, put dinner together, and we enjoyed a great evening with friends! So it was a GREAT day - but not at ALL what I THOUGHT my Monday would be like! :)


Courtney said...

sounds exhausting...but i always find in moments like that, HE gives me the strength!

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, that made me have a panic attack just reading it. I could NOT have pulled all that off! You go girl!! Way to be a blessing to so many!

anthonyandbeth said...

Was he able to bring any home or did they eat it all??? :-)