Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Girls-Only Party

We decided several weeks ago that we would celebrate Callie's birthday with a girls-only birthday party. We invited a few of her girlfriends over to celebrate the afternoon and enjoy just being girls! The boys were out for the afternoon at a karate birthday party, so we were set! (Callie decided at the last minute that she wanted Daddy to he was our photographer! Caleb was asleep for his nap, so he didn't count either). I was SUPER excited that Beth & Addison were coming too - Callie and Addison were hilarious together when we saw them in January, so we were all excited they could come celebrate Callie's birthday with us!

Once Sage and Carlie arrived, the party begin! Everyone chose their nail polish color :)
Sage :)
The girls all came in a princess dress-up dress
Carlie :)

Show me your pretty nails!
Can you tell they loved this?
Once nails were painted, we started work on their toenails. They have such little toes! :)

Addison :)

I had a little tiara craft for each of them to do - they loved it! Every step of it! It was adorable.

The girls were all so quiet and so enjoying themselves - I said to Beth "this is the quietest, easiest birthday party ever!" They were just happily working on their little projects and enjoying themselves - it was just adorable.

"Look at my nails! Oh yours are so pretty!"
Their "pedicures"
Four little princesses!
Callie, Sage, Carlie, Addison

I gave them their wands out of their goodie bags and we had fun with a few little balloon games

Lots of fun and silly giggles ensued - no crazy racing or hard core competitiveness like if it had been a bunch of boys :)
Trying to see if they could walk across the room without using their hands to hold on to the balloon - hilarious!

Then we went into the family room and played "Pretty Pretty Princess" for a little while :)

Anything with dress up jewelry is a hit!

Aren't those flowers fun?
The girls announced they were going to go play upstairs in Callie's room for a little while and that we could call them when we were ready for cake and presents :) So Beth and I enjoyed a little break along with some chips and hummus (which I just discovered that I like!!!). We laughed at how easy this party was and how very enjoyable it was! :) Little girls are easy....probably because teenage girls are NOT! :)

The girls had some silly fun up in Callie's room...

And then they came downstairs to open Callie's presents :)
Carlie got her this really cool Play-Doh conveyor belt thing - it's very neat!
Thank you Carlie! :)
Addison gave Callie two adorable outfits :)
Thank you Addison!
Sage gave Callie this Tinkerbell play kitchen and some silly bands. Thanks Sage!
Now it's time for some cake! :)
My neighbor Angela made this cake for Callie. She's been taking some cake decorating classes and I watched her little boy for her while she attended them last month. Isn't that a great trade! :)

Callie and Addison enjoying the playdoh toy after the party was over. We had a blast - I so enjoyed the girls getting to be girls - it was absolutely hilarious to watch and I loved every minute of it! :)


sandi said...

yes, little girl parties are SO different from little boy parties. quiet and giggly instead of rough and rowdy! glad beth got to join you guys ~ addison is growing into such a beautiful little girl (just like her mommy). looks like a fun party...

i think you will like this fact ~ morgan (still 2... holding on for one more day) and meredith (6)can wear the same underwear. is that not hysterical?!?

Courtney said...

love all the pink :-)

anthonyandbeth said...

I love all the pictures. It was such a fun little party and I'm so glad that Addison and I could make it. What a treat! The girls had so much fun, Callie was precious and Addison was beside herself with excitement to be there. I've been asking Addison what she wants to do for her birthday and she says "like Callie party, and sit at table and eat blow out birthday candles". Clearly the party made a big impression. Love your girl, love you, and love that our girls get excited to see each other.