Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Easter Traditions

We got to spend the day doing a few of our Easter-y traditions:
This was a new one for us - one I've wanted to do for years but this was our inaugural year of the Easter Egg tree! :) We love it!
Hanging them was made a little more....exciting....because of the rain this morning. I was anxious to get them hung since we've only got a few days left before Easter so as soon as the rain stopped, I was out there. I forgot to consider the fact that everytime I pulled down a branch to tie the string on, I got a little rain shower on me! :)
We dyed some Easter eggs....(I think my kids are tired of me saying "look at me" maybe I"ll just stick to pictures of the back of their heads for a while...)

We're sort of an egg family - love eggs any which way. And with all these kids, I knew we'd have to dye a bunch. So we had 2 dozen eggs and 2 different kits. One normal kit and one "tie-dye".
The finished products! :)
My favorite thing about library day - looking out into the family room and seeing my 4 kids totally enthralled with their new books! :) (Actually, looking at this picture now, I think Callie's actually reading my blog book, but that's okay - it's still a book!) :)

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