Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Sundays are much more fun with friends!

The initial plan for Sunday morning was that Beth & Addison would meet us at church around 10:30 - before the 2nd service. We had to be there early for me to sing in the first service, so we were leaving around 8 am. Addison was up and the girls were enjoying their matching outfits while they ate breakfast (Froot Loops that I had bought and saved for the girls to make necklaces at Callie's party with...and then totally forgot about! Oh well!). We ended up taking Addison with us - she was up and ready and didn't want Callie to leave her, so she came with us and was happy about that! Beth had a few hours to herself to leisurely get ready! :) I told her she should go back to bed!!
I took alot of pictures of the girls this weekend. Caleb didn't want to be left out apparently, because everytime I called for the girls to take a picture, he'd come running and stand there like "take a picture of me Mom!"
The girls decided to wear their flip flops from the party to church. They were awfully cute together! They walked hand in hand into church and Callie loved that Addison got to be in her classes with her! We ate lunch afterwards in the fellowship hall - the youth group was having a pasta fundraiser lunch so that made it easy to get everyone fed. We came home and put the younger ones to bed for naps and Beth and I sat on the deck in the sunshine and got to spend a few hours talking. It was so nice and relaxing! I had to leave at 3:30 pm to be back for drama practice, so I took the boys with me. Beth let the younger ones stay so they could get good naps and then brought them back to church at 5 pm when their programming started. She came and watched me lead the kids' choir which was a hoot.

I always feel sort of bad when we've got company over a Sunday because it's such a long day and is a work day for us of sorts. But we LOVED having them and it definitely made a long day more fun for the kids!! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

It was so fun having the girls all match matchy. They got so many cute comments at church. Addison's pose in that picture with her leg up is hilarious! I know she didn't learn that from me cause I have never been able to do cute poses haha!!! Loved coming to church...your Have great church!!! Loved being there for kids choir too. Love being with your family :-)