Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two of My Favorite Treats

New Favorite #1: These are SO yummy! I first tried them the last time my Mom came to visit. They are SO delish - totally loved them and have been on the lookout for them to go on sale since then. Totally satisfies that "little something sweet/salty" craving! Normally $5.79. They went on sale BOGO and I had a coupon so they ended up being $1.89! New Favorite #2: Haven't actually tried this flavor yet, but the STRAWberry cheesecake flavor is out of this world!!! 150 calories - totally tastes like a slice of cheesecake. YUM!! These went on sale this week too and bought a few to taste for a fun treat in lunches. Went on sale for $2 (don't know what the "normal" price is) - I got them for 50 cents. Makes it even more delicious! It's been a good week here. Sun is shining again which makes everyone happier! Started a new biblestudy with my Thursday morning group. We finished Believing God two weeks ago, and they didn't want to wait all the way until the fall to do another one, so we're doing a 6 week series that will take us to the end of May. Had 2 new ladies join us which is always exciting to see! Looking forward to soccer practice tonight, but really hoping that Jacob & Callie's fields are next to each other since I've got to watch both of them play :). On the sad side, something weird is up with my camera. It's taking weird sized pictures (looks like wide-angle or something) and I can't get the flash to work. Hmmm.. Wonder what's the deal?

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Judy said...

Ever since you posted about those Jello cheesecake things I've been thinking I need to get them, then yesterday I got a great surprise....a coupon to try them for FREE from Kraft First Taste. Have you joined Kraft First Taste??? It's definitely worth it. They send you coupons to try new items for free and Vocalpoint is another program like that that you definitely should sign up for. Just google both of them and sign up!!