Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Parties!

I'll just say this right off the top - I LOVE our school! I LOVE that all the teachers and office staff and administration told me and the kids to have a Happy Easter!!! :) LOVE them!!

So the preparations for class parties began last night with the Easter Basket cupcakes...they turned out very cute! I decided to tint the frosting green instead of using tinted coconut (for grass) - kids don't care about eating coconut! I sent the cupcakes and jello eggs to Josiah's class too - he was excited!

A few happy boys when they discovered what I was taking to their classes this morning! :)
Callie ended up going with me (of course - she HATES to miss a party!!). She was actually a BIG help when it was time to hide the eggs in the courtyard.
And then the hunt began!!!

Mrs. Stewart helped make sure they found 12....and only 12....

There were two eggs still "unfound" so we decided to have Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Beatty try to find them while we gave "hot" and "cold" instructions. The kids were very helpful :)

Don't you love the bunny ears! :)

The second the party was over, Callie headed straight over to the "house" center with all the babies - she was SO excited! :)
The jello eggs were a HUGE hit! :) This was all I had left over! Good thing I have more jello to make more eggs! :) What a FUN day of parties!

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Judy said...

Love those cupcakes. So cute!