Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let the Hunting Begin!

After everyone had some rest time (aahhhh....just love the sound of that!), we headed outside for the egg hunts to begin! We decided to let the big boys hide the plastic candy-filled eggs in the front yard for Callie and Caleb. I told them not to make it too hard for them :)

Callie and Caleb waited patiently in the backyard...
Ready to hunt? (Caleb looks ready doesn't he? He didn't really have a clue what was going on yet...)
Callie knew just what to do and took off! :)

The big boys did great - they did some easy ones (see the ones in the middle of the yard?) and then others that were hidden in bushes, etc - so the kids actually had to hunt!)
Caleb finally caught on and very much enjoyed himself!

Jacob was like the director of the whole thing...shouting things like "I see another one still!" or "Callie come over here" or "Caleb - look in that bush!"
Gotta love that face of hers!

Not sure what he was pointing to - the egg was right there at his feet :)

Good job hiders! :) (Our neighbor Noah helped too)
Hey! Did you know there's candy in these??? And thus begun his love affair with jellybeans!! LOVES them! I had an extra bag of jellybeans left over and I totally think I'm saving them for potty training because he LOVES them!

Happy hunters!

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Judy said...

Love all the pictures of Caleb hunting! It looks like he caught on pretty quick!
Your neighborhood looks so pretty :)