Friday, October 8, 2010


Hooray for Fridays! David's day off (although he worked half of it...still hunting for an assistant...grrr....the first one he "hired" quit after a day and half!), and the kids were off from school so we all got to sleep in a bit! We all slept in until 7 am (!!!!) (the babies didn't get up until 7:30!) and then got up and ready for parent-teacher conferences with the boys' teachers.
I remember Callie doing this all the time - I'd just find her here!
The one food that Kelli told me Joseph doesn't like and will not eat is eggs. Well, we made sunshine eggs (over-easy eggs) one day last week and he ate a few bites before turning them down. This morning, I made scrambled eggs for everyone and offered them to Joseph too...after all, all of my kids LOVE eggs...we eat a dozen at a time now because EVERYONE eats two and wants more!....
...and he LOVED them! Cleaned his plate! I guess maybe Kelli just doesn't make them right! :)
See how WIDE he opened his mouth? :) (and notice the measuring spoon in his hand? he cracks me up - he finds stuff and then holds on to it for hours!)
After breakfast, we headed up to the school to meet with the teachers. The babies were in the double stroller, and the older kids played in the classroom or read books while we talked with the teachers. Both boys are doing SO well in their classes - we are SO proud of how well they are doing. We just can't say enough about the school and how much we LOVE their teachers. They are both being LOVED and encouraged by their teachers, as well as challenged academically which is so great. I'm so thankful. Thankful that my boys love school!!!
After we got home, David headed to work for a bit to sort through more resumes and we played outside for a bit. Joseph likes to scoot around the van...I wonder now after seeing this picture if he sees his reflection??
LOVE it when they are playing nicely together!
We went for a color walk later on and this little kitty cat came and found us. Callie and Jacob were SO excited, and Joseph just LIT up! I think he misses his dog Chloe! :) he was so excited!

And then, Tutu arrived this afternoon!!! She took advantage of the long weekend to get away and come see 5 of her 9 grandchildren! :) (plus her kitchen is being remodeled and she needed a break from that mess too!) It's always SO good to have here...I breathe a huge sigh of relief when she arrives :) Jacob loved showing her his school work....

Joseph had some popcorn when he woke up from snack. He got very clingy to me all of a sudden when he saw Mom here. He hasn't been clingy with me, but I think when he saw another new face, he started to worry that perhaps I was going to leave him too. It was pretty sweet. He can say "tutu" now and it is adorable!!!

Callie was SOOOO glad to see her Tutu!! When she's sweet, she's VERY sweet! :)
The kids played outside while we finished piano lessons and got ready for dinner.
That ball is probably bigger than he is!

You can tell that Daddy was on duty outside! He came up with this cool configuration! :)
He was practicing his karate kicks...and didn't even kick his brother in the head!

apparently david even set up a trash can for him to kick over! :)
He's up on his feet!!! Not walking yet, but definitely up MORE! :)
Sorry - it's blurry because he's WALKING with it! :) Hooray for Joseph!

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anthonyandbeth said...

love all the pictures! do you think if i send my kids to visit you for a week you can get them to eat eggs??? or have i missed my window?