Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reunited at Last!

After a LONG day of travel, Kelli & Scott arrived back at my house late on Monday night. Scott would have woken Joseph up to see him, but Kelli restrained him! :)

I got up early on Tuesday to run and had the pleasant surprise of having David join me!! Since we had other grown ups in the house (and every one was still asleep...), we got to have a little running date! It was a WONDERFUL surprise and great way to start my day!! The last several weeks have been so hectic that at times it felt like I was just barking orders back and forth to him about "feed this baby" or "this one needs to be changed" or "get the baths started", etc. It was nice to just have an hour to talk to each other!

When we got back at 6:30 am, Kelli & Scott were already awake....I'm thinking they were a bit anxious to see Joseph! :)

David brought a sleepy-eyed Joseph downstairs....
....and he gave us all a look!! :)

I'm thinking that look he's giving is totally directed at me! Like he's saying "see! THESE are my parents! Not you crazy people! I KNEW they'd come back and rescue me from your madness!" :)

He lasted in that high chair for about 3 seconds...and then finished breakfast on Kelli's lap :)

He showed off his greatly improved walking skills to his daddy...

The happy family together once again! :)

One last kiss goodbye!

Goodbye Roads family! We really did LOVE having Joseph be a part of our family for the last week and half! We would do it again in a heartbeat! :)

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