Friday, October 29, 2010

Jacob's Fall Party

On Friday afternoon, I got to go back to Jacob's class AGAIN and spend the rest of the afternoon there! We had a fall party that different parents sent in food for - yummy! :) The kids get so excited if you call anything a party!

We also played fall bingo and then each student got to decorate their own little pumpkin. Here all are of Mrs. Stewart's pumpkins holding their little pumpkins! :)
As they were getting ready to leave, they played this cute little game called "Who Am I". The kids had to give clues to the disguised student so they could guess what they were "dressed" like in the poster. Very cute!
Jacob was a ghost, although his first clue that he was given was "you are white" and he guessed a snowman! :)

What a fun class - I love kindergarten! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

why do all kindergarten classes look the same?

anthonyandbeth said...

very cute!