Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jacob's 6th Birthday Party

On about Tuesday of this week, Jacob says to me, "are all my friends coming to celebrate my birthday with me Mom?" oh sweet boy. it's not that I had forgotten, it just got pushed back WAY in my mind and I was sort of hoping he wouldn't notice that we weren't doing anything big this year. I decided that I'd try to see if a couple of his buddies could get together and celebrate with us, and I was in luck! :) We had four families meet us for bowling and then pizza and cake at the park across the street - we had a GREAT time, and I was glad we got to do it for Jacob. He's really grown this year, and I have seen such maturation in him. Who doesn't love a bowling party? :)

Once again, Caleb was in heaven! Balls everywhere! :)
Hannah was on a roll - she had already been at the bowling alley for another party that by the time Jacob's party started, she was red hot!!!
We had 3 lanes for us - 1 for the big kids, 1 for Jacob and the guys his age, and 1 for Callie and the other little sisters. It was perfect! :)

Raigan really got into watching his bowling ball go down the lane - he puts his whole body into it! :)
James coming back to celebrate!
Everyone thought the ball return machine was the coolest - all the moms kept waiting for the first smashed finger...but it never happened!
David helped Callie at first, but then she wanted to do it all herself (of course). She did great - although it took FOREVER for the ball to get all the way down the lane...
"See! I told you I could do it all myself!"

Noah had his groove on too! :) (He lives down the court from us - we have LOVED having great neighbors for our kids to play with here in our neighborhood!)
After bowling, we went over the park to eat pizza and cake (and play of course!) They had these GIANT round tables where we ALL fit (just not in the picture!) So fun!
L-R Cooper, Keatley, Abby, Callie, Carlie, Jacob (Caleb and Ruth are in the strollers in the back)
Jacob, James, Michael, Anna, Hannah, Josiah
Hannah, Josiah, Noah, Raigan
Opening gifts
I forgot to take a picture of the cake - this will have to do... Publix made a bowling cake for me! :) We loved it!
Can you see where Callie's foot is??? Here's a hint - NOT where it should have been!

OOPS - her cake was a wee-bit close to the cake, I'd say!

Bryant came after his nap to join the rest of his family at the party :)
Cooper with a little cake evidence on his face...
...and he wasn't the only one!
EVERYONE loves some cake! (This is Ruth - who is almost 2 now. I still call her Baby Ruth...even though she's not a baby anymore...but because it's my very favorite candy bar!) :)


the wiedmaiers said...

you don't even want to know how many baby ruth mini bars i have eaten in the past two weeks.

anthonyandbeth said...

what a fun party! love the bowling cake. :)