Saturday, October 30, 2010

Practice makes Perfect!

My friend Jenn was in charge of face painting for our church's Fall Festival on Sunday. Being the professional that she is :), she requested a few willing faces to come and let her practice on Saturday afternoon. My kids, being the face painting junkies that they are, were happy to oblige! :)

Jenn said she'd never seen Callie so quiet and still before!
These two little guys were hilarious together. Just puttering around the yard. Playing with dirt and rocks...and happy as clams!
Rearranging her perfectly lined up rocks...again and again...they weren't so perfectly lined up when we left! :(

David had been rehearsing with his band for the Christmas program (!) and he met us over there around dinner time with the kids costumes in tow. We headed to Publix where they had trick or treating for the kids! i LOVE publix!
They had 5 or 6 stations throughout the store with characters, costumes, candy, and different little carnival-type games the kids to do. It was quite fun.
The bakery station had "decorate your own cookies" - yum!

Cutest little SWAT guy I ever saw!

We grabbed a quick bite of dinner and then hit up Jenn's neighborhood for some practice. Their neighborhood decided to do trick-or-treating on Saturday night, so my kids were all for an extra night of fun and candy! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

just when i thought i was all caught up you went and posted again... looks like a fun day!

anthonyandbeth said...

she is really good at face painting! :) vonda took her girls to publix too. that is very cool.

Courtney said...

wow! that's some serious face painting!