Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day Off

Our Columbus Day holiday was rather uneventful. David was still at work, and I had 5 kids at home with me! We did get to play with our neighbors in the morning for a treat - they are usually at preschool, so we LOVED getting to spend some morning time with them!
Then all 5 kids and I headed to Target. I was out of milk and eggs (both of which were on sale there this week...yes!!) and needed to get things to make some boo-bags! :) We were boo'ed twice this weekend, so I was a day late in sending on some boo-love to our neighbors. The kids LOVED choosing some things to put in our baskets and REALLY loved delivering them! :) Do your neighbors do this? It's really quite fun!

Found these cute little felt baskets at Target in the dollar spot, then put in a sheet of stickers, some cute halloween pencils, some glowsticks, a few pieces of candy, and a plate of pumpkin muffins for good measure. OH - and the instructions on how to pay it forward...and an invite to Northside's "Last Chance" drama that starts on Sunday! :)

I did love having ALL of my kids home with me. Loved the conversations I had with Josiah and Jacob in the car. Loved getting to take our time in the morning a wee-bit. Loved having them with ME! :)

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Courtney said...

there's nothing like having them all with you, is there??