Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Football Game! pictures of the actual game...

I was up at 5 am on Saturday. Ugh. Had to get up EXTRA early to get my 12 miles in (last LONG one before the race next weekend!) and David had to leave at 6:30 for his monthly men's biblestudy at church. I had planned to hire a babysitter, but when mom ended up coming for the weekend, she saved me!! I started running at 5:30, ran in the dark for the first hour (a little creepy, but nice when the sun starts coming up!) and then finished up and made it back home at 7:30 am. Ran in the door, the babies were just waking up, handed them off to mom so I could get showered and dressed. She had taken care of feeding the bigger kids so that was very helpful. Ran back downstairs to pack water bottles, snacks, and diaper bags and were were off at 8:30 am! David met us at the field after his biblestudy in time to coach Jacob's team for the first game!

Callie and Tutu helping Joseph walk around the sidelines a bit..
In the midst of all this excitement, I WAS trying to watch Jacob play. I was able to see him score the first touchdown of the season, and he even grabbed someone else's flags to save a touchdown! I'll get real pictures of the actual game another week...i was watching too many babies this week!

The snack that Jacob's team had after their game was popcorn balls! Caleb thought that was fantastic, and somehow ended up with it! :)

Obviously Mom and I were distracted by other kids at this point. I turned around to see Caleb with his fists FULL of Twizzlers! Mom had brought some in her purse for the kids, and apparently Caleb found the secret stash! :)

At halftime, the cheerleaders came out on the field and Callie would immediately stop whatever madness she was in the middle of to watch the show! :) I think next year she'll be out there with them!


Courtney said...

cheerleaders? i LOVE it! so cute!

the wiedmaiers said...

callie would make a great cheerleader. are you doing upward basketball this year? she can cheer then.

the wiedmaiers said...

ah, i think she has to be a year older for upward cheering.