Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Jacob Aaron!

Sweet little Jacob. Turned 6 today. I still remember as clear as if it were yesterday when I had you. We were so excited to be having another little baby boy. We prayed that you and Josiah would be the best of friends - and you are. We assumed that you would be a lot like him - since you're both boys and all - but you are totally different! We say all the time that you are SO much like your daddy...and nothing could make me prouder.

You wake up in the morning much slower than Josiah. This start of kindergarten has been great, except that you don't like having to get up and moving so early in the morning. You tend to prefer a more gradual wake up in the morning :). You are LOVING school though, and doing so very well.
Tutu sent you and Josiah these shirts and of course you wanted to wear yours that morning. That's another way you are like your daddy - you like things right away! You also say that you don't like surprises - you'd rather know what's coming. Josiah is the opposite - he LOVES to be surprised and is willing to wait and find out. Your excitement and exuberance is one of my favorite things about you Jacob. You are very demonstrative in everything - your love, your excitement, your frustration - I can see exactly how you're feeling.
I don't get enough time with just you. I so enjoyed our year together last year though. When josiah was at school all day for the first time, you got to be the boss. I loved seeing you grow and develop and be the leader. This year, when it was YOUR turn to go off to school, you were SO excited and ready to go. You are doing so well and I'm so proud of you. You are a blessing to your teacher and your friends at school. You told me right away that you were going to walk right into school and not even need me to take you to your class. You are very independent and I'm proud of you for that. Your teacher told me that she thinks you may be a preacher one day, because she heard you telling one of your friends all about Jesus one day. Nothing makes me prouder Jacob, than to hear that. She was smiling and proud of you too! I'm so thankful, Jacob, that your teacher loves you and loves that you love Jesus! You ALWAYS love and serve Him first - He has AMAZING plans for you...He is the God of Jacob - just like the Bible says so much in Genesis! :)
You are so smart, and are realizing more and more things that you can do and are good at. You are naturally athletic - you excel so much at every sport you play. It seems to come very easily to you. Yet you are a helper on your teams. At football today, you helped a player from the other team get up after he was knocked over. I pray that you are ALWAYS a blessing to the people you come in contact with.
Daddy had to be church on the night of your birthday, so he came home early to be able to see you after school. You were SO excited! He even let you play the video game for a little bit (even though it was a school night!) and you LOVED getting to play with him all by yourself while Josiah had karate.
I love the way that you try to teach Callie things, and the way that you love on Caleb so much. You are always the first one to offer to help me with Caleb especially - you take your role as big brother to him very seriously, and I appreciate that about you.
Tutu called you just as we started to open presents and you tried to talk for a few minutes but you were SO anxious to open your stuff! :) She loves you so much and is so proud of you too. I started teaching you piano lessons this spring and you are doing great at it! You love children's choir and love to sing and do the motions in there too!
Josiah will probably never be far from you Jacob - you are his very best friend and he is yours. Always remember that. I am SO thankful that you both have each other.
Never lose that big smile of yours either - when you smile, your eyes and face just light up. I love that you still crawl up in my lap when I read to you. That you love to hold my hand or give me big giant hugs. I love that you gave me a hundred kisses this afternoon when you were laying in front of the fire. I love that you curl all up in your blanket at night when you sleep - you are my cuddle bug boy - no matter how big you get!!
One day I hope you'll learn to like to eat a few more things than you do now! But you love ice cream, and we loved ending your birthday with a trip to Coldstone! :) I love you my sweet Jacob Aaron. I am SO proud of you and for how you have grown this year. It's been a big year - lots of changes and growing up with you starting school. But I am SO proud of you and SO proud of how you have grown. I am SO thankful that God made you part of our family, and let me be your Mom. I love you SO much!


the wiedmaiers said...

he is getting so big katy! we remember watching josiah when he was born ~ hard to believe he and meredith are both SIX! happy birthday jacob!

The Stein Family said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!

anthonyandbeth said...

such a sweet, sweet post Katy. what a special boy Jacob is and i know you feel so blessed to be called his mommy!