Thursday, October 7, 2010

Football Practice

Wednesday was definitely not my favorite day as a parent. But we made it through. I had wisely hired a babysitter to watch all 5 kids during band practice (there's not any childcare after choir rehearsal...because it's only my kids at band practice, they normally just run around and play in the sprung). I knew that Joseph couldn't run around and play :), nor could I hold two babies and deal with 3 other crazy kids...oh, and try to rehearse. That was a HUGE help and practice wrapped up fairly early (by 9 pm) so we were home not long after 9:30 pm.

Thursday morning was my biblestudy morning - it was SO good. Good for my soul. Good to refocus. We're really getting into the meat of Revelation - we were in chapter 6 talking about the 6 seals!! so it was great. Caleb took a great 2 hour nap at home during my study, Callie did fine at mother's morning out, and the lady said that Joe was the perfect baby! So happy! :) We rushed home, fed them lunch, and put Joseph down so he could get a good nap before our afternoon continued.

Thursday is my day to drive the carpool for karate, so we all loaded up at 2:45 to get the boys off the bus and pick up the other 2 kids for karate. Made it through the lesson just fine (it helped that I left Callie with a neighbor...I didn't have enough car seats!) and then home for Caleb to take his nap!! We ate chili before heading to football practice for the boys! :) Whew! Thursdays are big days!
I kept them in the stroller for about the first 20 minutes or so - they'd peek around at each other and just laugh!

Then I let them be free which of course they LOVED!

Callie met Andre last week at practice (his big brother is on Josiah's team) and they have fun chasing each other around the whole time. Oh, and I think she bosses him around a bit...but he doesn't appear to mind!

Then she pulled her chair over and sat down, looking at her friend, (like a director) and said "now do a jack-knife - like this...hold one knee up and jump!" I don't know if she was thinking about our jumping contests at the pool or what, but it was hilarious!

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the wiedmaiers said...

so i google sprung and could not come up with anything that made sense. am i announcing my idiotness to all your readers? baby joe is just too cute. glad that tutu is there to help also.