Friday, October 1, 2010

Look Mom! No Hands!

We had our neighbors over for dinner tonight and had a great time with them. It was slight chaos with the kids vastly outnumbering the adults (4 grownups, 8 kids), but everyone had a good time. :)
We even caught Joe standing up at the coffee table NOT holding on! He's getting braver and braver!!! (Oh, and Kelli, you'll notice that he's wearing some of Caleb's clothes. There's a story to that. The kids had finished their dinner and I had gotten them down from the table to play while we finished (or started...) our food. All of a sudden, Callie says "Hey! Is that POOP on the wall?" Of course, she said it pretty loudly! Sure enough, Joseph had a blowout that came up the back of his diaper and had gotten onto the wall as he was scooting around. I took him upstairs to get cleaned up but forgot to bring his clothes into Caleb's room. So I had to squeeze him into something of Caleb's! :) Always something exciting!)
Here's the 3 babies that had a BALL tonight! They're all about 3 months apart - Joseph is the oldest, and then Max & Caleb are about a week apart. What FUN! :) I think they had every ball in the house out!


the wiedmaiers said...

that is actually a comment i have never heard in my house.... plenty of other things over heard but not that one. thank goodness!

anthonyandbeth said...

Joseph being squeezed into caleb's clothes is hilarious! Those two must be having a ball together :)