Sunday, October 10, 2010

Handsome Little Men

On Sunday morning, I came out of my room a little after 6 am and said good morning to Josiah - who I was surprised to see awake. He said good morning, and then said (about as matter-of-factly) "I threw up last night in the sink." Sure enough, he did! But he didn't come get us, just rinsed his mouth out and went back to bed. He said he felt fine. Jacob woke up later and then proceeded to throw up as well. Great. Thankfully, Mom to rescue! Both boys insisted they felt fine (and really were acting fine), but I couldn't take them to church (duh!). Mom stayed home with them while I took the younger 3 with me to church. We had gone to a great little mexican restaurant the night before, and I think it was something that just didn't settle right with the boys...or maybe they ate too much cheese dip! That's possible too! :)
Caleb and Joseph both have the same blue oxford shirt from GAP....
....I'm guessing they both got them from my dad for their birthdays...

I finally got the brilliant idea to put them in the rocking chair to try and get a picture of both of them together...
look at joseph's face!!!!
it worked - i got them both confined for about 2 minutes for me to get the pictures! :)

could you not just eat them up!
On Sunday night, Mom came with us to church and got to see all of us in action at children's choir! She got to see me direct and see Jacob and Josiah in their choirs learning their songs and choreography! She taught me for YEARS in children's choir - she's the best - and I've stolen so many of her tips to teach my kids. It was neat to have her there and see what we're doing! :)


Courtney said...

our moms are always a lifesaver, huh? :-)

LOVED talking to you! i want MORe!

the wiedmaiers said...

what is it about our first born boys? sam has done the same thing... thrown up in the middle of the night (in the toilet) and gone back to bed. "didn't want to wake you and i felt better once i threw up".

great timing having tutu there.