Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1. feeling very behind again. so much to get caught up on, and yet not enough time to do it.
2. worn out. SO glad to be going AWAY this weekend. LOVE my husband and LOVE my kids, but am so glad to get AWAY w/Beth this weekend. oh yeah, and run a half-marathon on Sunday!
3. Birthdays in the middle of a school week are hard. Maybe that's why we're all tired.
4. David finally got his new car today. Relief. Maybe tomorrow will feel slightly more normal again now that the crazy schedule adapting/car sharing is over. I'm so spoiled, I know.
5. Off to get my house cleaned up for biblestudy in the morning. REALLY looking forward to my time in the Word tomorrow with the ladies. REALLY.


the wiedmaiers said...

just changed a poopy diaper so now you know what i thought about when i saw the title "behind"

give beth a hug from us when you see her. have fun running.

yeah for new i don't have to share any cars!

your comment on my post a few weeks ago about cleaning was funny ~ i am slowly coming around to my old self. although my old self has had a heating pad on her back for a few days... with an extension cord... while painting.

Courtney said...

have SUCH a great weekend!!!!

the wiedmaiers said...

saw beth's time on fb... glad you had a great run. when are you heading back? who was helping david with childcare this weekend (especially on sunday with his responsibilities)?

Judy said...

I know you're busy! But I just wanted you to know that I've missed your updates! What kind of car did David get?