Monday, October 4, 2010

The Balloon Lady

Joseph is up on his feet more and more....we were playing at Callie's kitchen this morning, and he kept looking at the he was expecting it to ring or something! :)
Boy, if this picture isn't telling....It was a very LONG day with Callie today. Things went south for her around 1:00 pm. Here she is throwing a fit at dinner time for no reason and David with his "trying to be patient and smile for the blog-crazy wife" face on.
The kids were SO excited to go to Salsarita's tonight. It's kids' night on Monday nights, which means kids eat free AND my PTA membership card gets us 50% off an entree AND I had a $4 coupon from a survey I did on the last receipt. What that all means is that all 7 of us ate dinner for $16!! Not too shabby for a dinner out! :) AND the balloon lady is there on Monday nights to do balloons for the kids (gotta love free entertainment!). So much of the dinner was like this - with one kid or another turning around to see where she was and anxiously awaiting our turn.

The little boys just stared at her. Not sure if they were freaked out or not, but they did not take their eyes off of her while she was making the balloon creations.
Callie came over and sat on my lap after she finished most of her dinner. Poor thing. It was not our best afternoon. She's a tough one. Hard days lately with her.
Jacob picked a yellow lizard...
(See Joseph's eyes? TOTALLY staring at her!)
Callie picked a princess crown (big surprise). Josiah picked a black spider, but I didn't get a picture. We were ready to get home and into bed by that point probably! :) We did have fun though!
Oh - and one more thing. Joseph says "hi" to EVERY.B.O.D.Y. he passes at the store. Every one. And then Callie responds "this is baby joseph" to the person. Every time. It was hilarious this morning. :)


the wiedmaiers said...

morgan says HI to most people also... please don't ignore her because she gets louder and LOUDER with each HI!

loving all your blog updates! i need to post an update on the ping pong, but JD beat everyone on his table 2-0 (round robin style) and lost to the senior olympian 2-1. he had to come home anyway, we had two different birthday parties to attend ~ the boys at one and the girls and i at the other. they were close in proximity so i would have worked it out if he continued play but it was easier once he was done!

anthonyandbeth said...

The balloon lady sounds fun...and for such a great deal too :-)

Jen said...

You are one brave woman to take 6 kids out to eat! Doesn't food taste better when you pay less for it? I love it when you can stack deals like that!