Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Week of Goodbyes Begins...Sunday May 31

Sunday was a hard day. It was our last Sunday at Shores. It was very strange. Sort of surreal. We've been there for almost 7 years. Started going there while David was still getting his Master's Degree at Regent. All our children were born and dedicated there. Lifetime friends were made there. It really hit me that we were really going to be leaving. That this week was going to be the week of saying goodbye.

After naptime, we headed out to the Wiedmaier's house to spend the evening with them. Another goodbye. One that I'd been dreading. Sandi and I were both pregnant with our firstborns together. They were born 2 weeks apart. We've raised our children together. Definitely done life together. She moved a bit further out a couple years ago and attend another church now, but what special times we have shared. Josiah still calls Samuel his best friend - even though they were at different churches and different schools this year. They've "done life" together just like Sandi and I have.

Sandi and I joked that it took us almost 7 years to have an evening of such uninterrupted conversation. We started out at their neighborhood pool, and then went back to her house for dinner. I think we sat at her kitchen table forever just talked. The kids all played out in the backyard until it was too dark to see, and Morgan (just turned 1) was content to sit in her highchair and chill with us. It was a precious evening spent with a dear, dear friend.

Here's 5 of the 6 of them - Sandi's husband had their baby, Morgan.
Crazy kids in the living room! :)

We let the kids eat their dinner out on the swingset - gave us more time to talk! :)

Samuel and Josiah - these boys are hilarious together!

Callie ended up stuck in Morgan's exersaucer....I wouldn't let Sandi rescue her until I took a picture!
Here's happy Morgan! She enjoyed "chatting" with the girls!

and here's our precious children - Meredith, Samuel, and Morgan Wiedmaier - then Josiah, Callie, and Jacob.

Isn't this classic? Trying to get one more picture, but they were OFF!!!

Sandi and I. Makes me want to cry just looking at this picture!!! (And not because of how giant I look!)

Our baby girls - Callie and Morgan

Poor John David - he didn't know when he started rough-housing with the kids just how daddy-deprived my kids had been. They attacked him!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

what good little friends these kids have been and some very special memories have been made while you and Sandy have watched them grow up together. i know you will miss her. this is the part about moving that is hard. even though you're excited about a new beginning and what God has in store, it's hard to say goodbye. i remember it being very hard to say goodbye to you. :(