Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinner at the Schrodts

It's nights like these that make me not very excited to do the dishes. Sigh. Dinner was delicious though! A few quick things to point out:
1. Yes, I buy the enormous 5 lb tub of butter. And you'd probably be appalled at how quickly we go through it.
2. This is what the table looks like after we have artichokes for dinner. if you've been friends with us for very long, we've probably had you over and forced you to try them. They are the BEST! David had no idea what they were (except for in spinach & artichoke dip) before we met and now agrees they are the best EVER! I dip mine in mayo, and David (& Josiah) dip theirs in melted butter.
3. The shredded wheat cereal is out because that's what jacob had for dinner. he refused his steak, and I refused to waste it on him forcing it down his throat. Ribeyes were on sale, and we were supposed to have them for Father's Day dinner, but were too busy driving around to all the different Lowe's in the city looking for the umbrella for the patio set!!!
4. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you may see the crazy-shaped milk jugs that the Sam's sells here. They're SQUARE! What in the world?!?!?


the mccollums... said...

YUM!!!! That sounds awesome...and so healthy. Costco sells milk like that here too..

Jen said...

Amy told me last night that the milk jugs are square because it is cheaper to ship them that way (more on a pallate) therefore keeping the cost to consumers down! WHo knew. Sorry we never got to try your artichokes, but I think you might have been pouring 3 of the Maggiores a round of Shredded Wheat!

dandsratz said...

Hey Katy!!! Its so good to "hear" your voice, and I'm so thrilled to read that ya'll are settling down so well!! I just keep waiting for that phone call that "HE'S HERE!!" :) Now how many years have we've been friends & I NEVER knew about the artichokes...GROSS ME OUT!!! You'd be serving 5 bowls of shredded wheats!! he he!! :) Love you & miss you!!!

Tiffany said...

Ok, I have to say as well that I didn't know about the artichokes either....not to sure about those....I know Tim and the kids would opt for shredded wheats though...haha. I am glad to hear your doing well in the new place and we are sorry we missed seeing you by one day. Also, I can't believe you have never gotten the square jugs at Sam's before....I got them here at the one on the blvd and up at home in MI. they are hard to pour sometimes...don't you think?

Heather J said...

Oooh, I didn't know the artichoke fact about y'all - I LOVE them but haved had them in forever. I used to dip them in a hollandaise type sauce. Yummo!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I have like 5tubs o' butter in my spare fridge cause I stock up when I can get them free (and we too use a lotta butta!)