Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fat Hand Daddy

Well, the innocence of childhood is gone. Last night, after playing in the backyard, the kids & David were all heading inside for dinner when all of a sudden I heard David and Jacob screaming. I ran out to the deck and grabbed Jacob and discovered that they were both stung by bees - well, David by a wasp and Jacob by a bee, we think. It was so pitiful. Jacob was SO upset - it hurt really bad, and he was just so MAD about it! I told him we would pray about it at dinner, and he interrupted me about 4 words in to tell me to just pray about it first (meaning, don't say "thank you for our day...etc, etc" or anything else first!!!
Thankfully, he didn't have any kind of a reaction (other than the tears & hurt feelings!) to it, but David has been another story! His sting was obviously worse, and his hand is STILL swollen tonight. It looks pretty funny actually - his knuckles and everything are all swollen and puffy - poor guy. The boys have been talking about bees & wasps all day, and we got some spray that David used outside this afternoon. I've always told them that if you don't mess with bees, they won't mess with you. Well, these bees that stung them yesterday came out of NOWHERE and stung them. So Jacob's been saying "bees will sting you just if they want to - even if you don't mess with them!" So cute.
Here he is - fat hand daddy! Thankfully it's his right hand (on the left side of this picture) - and he didn't have a ring on that hand! These pictures don't even really do it justice.
But he was still enough of a trooper to start work painting on the downstairs guest bathroom. It was this hideous coral/orange color that looked terrible with my purple & sage green stuff. He's working on the 2nd coat of my green paint now, so it should be a whole new bathroom by tomorrow! Yippee!


Judy said...

Oh NO!! Wasps and Yellow Jackets are much, much worse than just regular old bees. Christian had his first bee sting this week on his foot. Ouch! Taking a little Benadryl at bedtime would help David's hand. We have bee allergies in our family, but not to regular bees just yellow jackets, wasps and hornets. My dad is deathly allergic and has had a few major scares that included hopspital visits, but thankfully that hasn't happened in a long time. I hope David is feeling better now! What a trooper for painting the bathroom :)

The Stein Family said...

Must be the year for it -- Clara got her first wasp sting about a month ago too. We were at the pool and one was in the water, she tried to splash it away from herself, but I guess she must've brushed it and it stung her wrist. She cried, but no reaction otherwise. At least now we know she's not allergic :)
I can't believe David is still painting tonight - What a guy!

anthonyandbeth said...

i'm so sorry about the stings! i know how bad they hurt! :( i couldn't believe how fat a toe can get! :) yay for the painting! he is a good painter. :)

Heather J said...

whew, glad all you had to deal with was a swollen hand and a bit of discomfort- I'm always worried about the boys' first stings fearful for a reaction. that's crazy it happened at the same time!