Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Trail Mix

One of the boys made this special "Father's Day Trail Mix" in their Sunday School class yesterday. It was very yummy, and had cheez-its, pretzels, m&ms, and marshmallows. This is what the note that was attached to the bag said:

The cheese crackers are because you are the "big cheese".
The salty pretzels are because you are the "salt of the earth".
The m&ms are because you are "so sweet".
The marshmallows are because you are "an old softy".

Isn't that adorable?


The Stein Family said...

Too cute -- I'll have to file that one away for next year!

Erica said...

that one is a keeper! thanks for sharing

Heather J said...

Seriously, I think I'm going to steal (um borrow) that idea for next year!