Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving Day....and Pregnancy Week 31 (Tuesday, May 26)

We got back home from Mom's house on Monday night. Once I got the kids settled in bed, I finished my last minute things to get ready for the next day. I had to have all my stuff packed away in our van or else it would end up on the moving van. I had packed our suitcases and a few things for us to survive with for the next week and a half before we headed down to SC.

The movers did a great job, although it was a long day. And the furniture was gone pretty quickly, so I was sitting on the floor for parts of the day. I continued my efforts at cleaning as the day went on. I was worried about how I'd get it cleaned if I had to have the kids there with me, so I tried to get most of it done that day (while the kids were elsewhere). It was a LONG full day - much of it on my feet. Mandy had my kids for the day, and even took them to their swimming lessons since the movers took longer than I thought. Once they were ALL finished up, the kids ran around and looked at the empty house and we headed off to Hotel Judd! :)


The Stein Family said...

been there, cleaning an empty house alone with 2 kids (one nursing) running around -- you were wise to get it done while they were away!

anthonyandbeth said...

isn't it so strange to be in your empty house! i remember taking pictures of the boys in their rooms before we moved to NC. glad Mandy was able to help with the kids. what a blessing!

Courtney said...

WIERD to have your house so's amazing how it all of a sudden doesn't feel like yours anymore, huh??